Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spring Fever

This is my, absolute, favorite time of year. Flowers are blooming,
the sun is shining, everything is fresh and new. Lovely. These colorful flowers are growing in the little garden at Cade's school. They were posing so naturally...I couldn't resist snapping their photos.
And their fragrance is delightful.
The kids and I joined the animals at the zoo the other of my favorite things to do...especially in the spring.
Did you know flamingos get their pink color from their shrimp diet?
These little squirrel monkeys are so much fun to watch. Cade wants to bring one home.
And, these peacocks were eating popcorn out of our hands.
They were not the least bit bashful. Spring fever is hitting me hard. I want to grab the kids out of popcorn at a spring training game...or have a picnic at the the rowers at Tempe Town Lake...
watch my garden grow...
I've never been well behaved this time of year. Spring semesters at ASU meant skipping classes to lay out by the pool...sprinting back to afternoon classes sweaty,
smelling of coconut oil...
Even post graduation years...while living in the 9-5 world...I would skip out mid-day.
I can't help it. The Spring Gods (or Goddesses) are calling me...
and it is my spring loving duty to answer them.

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anna said...

loved it! I'm such a lover of this time of year too! I love everything about it!