Monday, March 16, 2009

Star Light, Star Bright

I saw a shooting star on my run this morning. I closed my eyes and made a wish.
And, my soul smiled for the rest of my run.
When I returned home, Mr. C told me Randi's school had called and classes were canceled (due to a flooding in the building) today. Yippee!!! I loved "no school" days as a kid...and I still love them. Oh the fun things we will get to do today!
Randi actually has a dentist appointment...which I am going to a school day. We can't have a little dental check mess up our fun, free day.
Happy Monday!

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keep calm and carry on said...

what fun things did you do? p.s. it is just WRONG to be up early enough to still be seeing shooting stars!!!! i hope you guys went back to bed!!!
miss you!