Monday, March 9, 2009

Sunday Dinner

Many times are mornings begin with this conversation:
Mr. C: What should we have for dinner tonight? You know what sounds good?
Me: Uummm...I don't know. (I haven't even had a cup of coffee yet.)
Mr. C: I was thinking of.... (he will then go into a long description of whatever dishes he had been salivating over during his nightly slumber.)
And thus begins our day. Before breakfast, we are dreaming of what we will be cooking for dinner. Yesterday was this kind of day. Mr. C had fish on his mind. And, not just any fish. But, beautiful halibut and salmon he caught in Alaska.
The menu was planned. As usual, we would have enough food to feed a small country. Therefore, he invited my parents and Troy and Debbie enjoy his delightful concoctions.
His meals are always superb. Always. The flavors, the's perfection. So, when I contribute (more than just tossing the salad), I must acknowledge my work to everyone. Last night, I made the salmon cakes. Now, he said it was a team effort...I guess he is right. But, I was mixing it all together and telling him what ingredients needed to be added...he just cooked them. (I would say that is all me.) But, I did make a buttermilk pie for dessert. Of course, he suggested topping it with fresh berries...which was divine...
A wonderful meal. Prepared by a sexy man. Shared with fabulous people.
Wonder what he's dreaming up for tonight?

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