Friday, April 17, 2009

Boos and Yahoos

A few things on my mind... Boos:
  • Michael Crow, president of ASU. Inviting President Obama to speak at the upcoming commencement ceremony was a huge applaud...not giving him an honorary degree is a big boo. Is is prejudice? A power game? Or just plain ego? I would have to go with all of the above. This is not the first poor choice Mr. Crow has made. Just take a look at his salary increases...then take a look at tuition hikes. As much as I am proud of my own degree from ASU...I am just as disappointed in the institution in which I earned it. For an interesting insight on this issue - check out this article.
  • The unpleasant employee in the transportation department of our school district. With only one month of school left, I have been informed that Randi's bus stop will be changed...effective immediately. For four years, our wonderful bus drivers have picked her up and dropped her off in front of our home. But, not anymore. And, the woman I spoke to about this issue was rude, inconsiderate, and lacking in common sense. Needless to say, they have not heard the last of me...
  • Sheriff Arpaio...just because.


  • Iowa...this wonderful corn country has made it legal for all happy lovebirds to get married. Regardless of race, religion...or gender. Huge hip, hip, hooray!
  • The beautiful squash blossoms in my garden...they just make me happy.
  • Mr. C...for sticking to his fitness regimen and continuing the Bikram Yoga classes with me.
  • Randi and Cade...just because...

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