Tuesday, April 21, 2009

From the Mouth of Babes

Last week, Cade had a little owie. After a follow up visit with our pediatrician, she felt it needed to be seen by a surgeon. And, lucky for us, Cade has had experiences with a pediatric surgeon...so, they were able to get us in right away. Dr. N (our surgeon) is a wonderful doctor and we have a great deal of respect for him. He took one quick look at the infected area and said he needed to cut it. That's what I was afraid of. So, the nurses prepped the skin with a heavy cream and covered it with a clear bandage. Twenty minutes later they returned to take us to the surgical room. My poor baby was so scared. The room was intimidating...plus, they had to strap him down. He started crying. I started crying. I wanted to fix everything...but,
he did that all on his own...
First he began yelling, "idiot! idiot! idiot!" The nurses just looked at each other confused, asking "what is he saying?" I simply replied that I had no idea. He then proceeded to yell, "jerk! jerk! jerk!" Now, this was before they did anything. Dr. N wasn't even in the room yet. As soon as the doctor came in and the needles came out...all Hell broke loose. Cade began yelling, "oh shit! oh shit! oh God! oh God! oh shit!" I felt myself getting red...and hot. My tears turned into an embarrassed laugh. What seemed like an eternity lasted about 90 seconds. I was ready to hand them my angelic child and crawl under the table....when he finally calmed down. Dr. N told him he was big, brave and offered him a toy. That was it. Tears and profanity ceased. I needed a stiff drink...but, my baby was fine.
*Of course he did not hear these words from me...I told Dr. N that Cade's favorite movie is "Sandlot"...he heard all those words from the kids on the movie... : )
*He truly loves that movie and tries to dress like Benny and hit the ball like Benny every day.


keep calm and carry on said...

haha! too funny! i wanna hear the scoop on his owie.

anna said...

yeah sure Mindy, "Sandlot", right ;)!
jk.....he is a funny little boy! I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall!

McClain family said...

isnt it funny how our kids can act just like OUR parents! LOL

denise kimball said...
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denise kimball said...

Ask your hubby about "Where ya going you G.D fooooooool?!"
He was about the same age as Cade.
It's a story that just keeps giving!

Or Trick or Treating w/Zach & Ty.
Your hubby pulled Ty in a wagon, while Zach knocked and did all the talking.

Second house into the evening, Zach knocked, they answered, Zach walked under the gentlemen arm into the house and asked very matter of factly..."Where's my Effen Beer?"

Or when Ty was 4 & 1/2 and he started using his next door neighbors planters as a potty box.

The little ol gal ran out of the house in her little floral house coat and matching slippers, trying her hardest to be loud enough to sound scary yelled...
"Oh Tyler...shoo shoo," I heard her and turned around, she kept yelling "Oh Tyler Cxxxxm..Ohhhh Stop"
As I quick stepped toward him, he turned to her, pulled his little swim suit up, and said...
"J.Christ...Calm down old lady."

After that, I silently swore I'd never baby sit again.
(This might sound familiar Mindy, I was doing a load of towels when that happened!) xo
Love your garden! And your new aprons!
I accidentally wrote a proper last name..that's why I deleted!