Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

Yesterday I planted flowers. Near my beautiful vegetable garden. In my bikini. And...I thought of my mom. I cannot recall a spring/summer day where I got off the bus and my mom wasn't in the backyard...planting flowers...wearing her worn out, green, floral bikini. I wanted to be just like her...plant flowers and go shopping. (It took 20+ years and having my own kids to realize she did a little more than that.) I love having a garden. And, I cannot wait to pick my own veggies...and mix them up for my family's dinner.
Today my kids attended a birthday party (for two glorious hours). Being childless, I had made an appointment to give blood (exciting, I know). And, for the first time I was turned away. My iron was low...dang it! So, I headed to Whole Foods (one of my favorite stores) and did a little shopping. In honor of Earth Day, they were hosting a swap. I brought in some bad (chemical induced) cleaner...and I got a free 7th Generation product. Yippee!
I will clean my home with good conscious tomorrow.
And, also today, my thoughts are with my dear sister in law. She had a little surgery today. I know all is well...but, I'm sending tons of happy, positive thoughts her way.

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McClain family said...

the flowers are pretty but where's the picture of you in your bikini?;)