Monday, April 6, 2009

Minderella - A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, there was a fairly young woman...who was NOT looking for a prince....or even a frog. She had already had a taste of living in wedlock and, upon that marriage dissolving, had decided to focus on her daughter, her career, and herself. Girl Power...all the way. However, the love gods had something different in store.
Her "singledom" would be short lived...
One Saturday evening (seven years ago today - to be precise), her parents invited her to attend a cocktail attire fundraiser. Knowing this would be a chance to dress up - she jumped at the offer. After picking the perfect outfit, she arrived at the event...flower in her hair, bright pink nails, ready to relax and have fun. She had no idea this would be the night that would change her life forever.
After mingling for a while, she noticed these piercing blue eyes staring at her from across the crowded room. Those beautiful eyes followed her all night.
Each time she looked up...there they were.
Finally, toward the end of the evening, an incredibly handsome man with enticing blue eyes walked up to her and introduced himself. After a few minutes of small talk, he invited her to join him and some friends at a nearby restaurant. The woman politely declined. Remember, she was not looking for a prince and her guard was up...regardless of how hot the nice stranger was. But, he would not give up. He asked for her phone number. Nope, she wasn't going to give him that either. So, he grabbed a cardboard sign off a table and wrote down all three of his numbers...home, office, cell. She thought this was pretty cute...
her heart was beating a little faster.
After saying goodbye, they parted ways...secretly hoping they would see each other again.
The next day she called. And they talked. And talked. And talked. They made plans to have dinner the next night. However, she would not let him pick her up. That would feel too much like a "date" (which is exactly what it was...but, whatever). She, instead, met him at his house. As she turned down his street she became sick to her stomach. Her bad case of nerves almost made her turn around. But, she sucked it up and made it to his house. He answered the door looking even hotter than she remembered. After visiting over a glass of wine, he walked her out to his car. As she climbed in, she could not believe her eyes. There, sitting in the passenger seat was a big, beautiful bouquet of tulips and daffodils. No way. He can't be this good. She started giggling over the thought of it. (To this day he swears he had never done that before.)
The evening was perfect and she left...riding high on cloud 9.
From that day forward, their moments were spent together.
They would talk on the phone for teenagers.
They took fun, romantic trips, and laughed. Alot.
And, when they were apart...their hearts hurt.
After a while, she moved in with him. Then, she did something she never thought she would do. She quit her job. She would be Mom. Full time.
Her daughter was 2 and his boys were 11 and 15.
Life was good and busy.
A few months later (almost a year from the day they met), the handsome prince got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. With tears in her eyes, she said yes.
Nine months a beautiful ceremony, surrounded by family and friends...
they became husband and wife...
And they have lived happily ever after...
The End.


anna said...

awwww....what a sweet love story! Happy 7th year anniversary! You guys are darling together!

Trisha said...

That is SO sweet!!! I want to see more wedding pics!!

keep calm and carry on said...

love it!

Mabel + Lola said...

WOW...I just happened across your blog...and really needed it! I am going through a divorce and have been wondering if there would be hope on the other side. Thanks for sharing!

McClain family said...

Happy Anniversary! 7 years has flown by. Best wishes for a life long honeymoon! Luv Ya:)