Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Newest Addiction

Last week, Mr. C and I finally made it to a Bikram Yoga class. And today, we will be attending our third class...yes, we really like it. However, during the first class I was seriously questioning my sanity...
The room was wall to wall people and (according to the regulars) it was hotter than it's normal 106 degrees - with 30-40% humidity. I was sweating before class even started.
The teacher was cute, nice and weighed about...90 pounds...soaking wet. She had us begin with a breathing exercise. All of the sudden, sounds began filling the room. I thought she had started some kind of CD...but, I couldn't figure out where it was coming from...there were no speakers. Then I realized all of these sounds were coming from my fellow yogis. We moved through several positions. Some of which, really got my heart racing. I began watching the clock after the first hour. Thoughts began filling my head..."How much longer can this go on? This is crazy! I'm going to throw up..."
I felt the same way when I was preparing for my tri-athalon last year...since I was novice to open water swimming I participated in a "Splash n Dash" (swim and run) - to get me used to racing in the lake...with lots of other people. Half way through I began having the same feelings. The same thoughts ran around in my head. I wanted out of that ridiculously hot room - as much as I wanted out of that lake.
But....I persevered. We made it through that first class. And, by the time we walked out we had forgotten how miserable we were. We felt great. Soaking wet, but great.
The second class was much easier. Hopefully, today's will be even better.

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Lesley said...

wow...sounds like it was a killer...good for you for going back....and awesome to do a triathalon...you are crazy...and happy SITS day