Friday, April 3, 2009

The Paper and Me

I have a love affair with the newspaper. It pleasantly greets me each morning and my day is not complete until I have read it...with a cup of coffee. Not only do I read it each day, but I must read it in a certain order. If Mr. C and I are reading it at the same time and he takes one of my sections (out of my reading order)...he completely messes with my mojo. Seriously.
This lover does not always bring me good news...but, it is news just the same. Usually it is a blend of good, bad, happy and sad. He always keeps me abreast of what's happening in the world and educates me on interesting lands and people I, would otherwise, no nothing about. My lover always smells good and I can carry him with me wherever I wander.
It saddens me to think the marvelous papers across the country are closing their doors. More and more people are obtaining their news online...and that is where the advertising dollars are going. Although I blog, I'm not a net surfer...a facebooker, a twitter, etc. And, I do not read my news on the web. I need to hold the paper. I need to get black ink on my fingers. I need to peruse each section. I thoroughly enjoy reading the paper...just as I would prefer reading a nice hand written note versus an email...just as I enjoy writing in my journals (that I have kept since I was 12). I hope future generations see the importance of the newspaper.
And fight to keep it alive. I'm not ready for this love affair to be over.

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Chris said...

I agree!! You have always loved the paper!!