Thursday, April 2, 2009

Vehicle Day

Since last spring, Cade has had one thing on his mind...when is Vehicle Day???
(OK. Maybe he has had a few other things on his mind too...but, I have been asked - dozens of times - when this magical day would return. And, that fabulous day did finally come. Yesterday. He could hardly wait to get to school (they are the kind host of this event - and this is the only day he is anxious to get to there). Mr. C even made it to the big day...and stuck Cade in the cement mixer.
They were all smiles. I think Cade's may have been a tad bit bigger.
The kid was in heaven. There were street sweepers, garbage trucks, buses, police cars, tractors, and much more. He has a serious obsession with these vehicles. I never thought I would know the names of tractors, construction equipment, or the variety of garbage trucks.
But I do.
Cade taught me.

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