Thursday, April 2, 2009

Week Day Date

Yesterday Mr. C and I had a date. In the middle of the week. Very unusual for us.
We were planning to attend the Brikam Yoga class (we didn't make it last Friday...due to miscommunication with our sitter). However, the studio was closed. They were moving into their new location. The one day we pick to go and they close. For that day only. (Maybe it was never meant to be.) But, we had a, we left the kids behind, hopped on our bikes and took a little ride. (Mr. C surprised me with matching blue beach cruisers several years ago. We love them.) We rode to a park where we did a little work out...running hills, lunges, etc.
When we returned home, we ordered dinner. Relaxed. And loved on our little lovebugs.
It was a perfect date.
Side Note: the above picture is of the bikes we rode
through the darling village of Cortona, Tuscany...


anna said...

sounds like a perfect date! Glad you got a do-over from last week! ;)

denise kimball said...
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denise kimball said...

So, here's a Bikram Story for ya!

Carl J. is a customer of ours.
He's a long time Tempe resident and all around athlete (pretty darn good shape for 50 sumthin)

He's walking to his car from B.Y. dripping sweat, feeling good, centered, eye balls are breathing... and who should run him down.
Not even almost, and I mean so close that he had his hand on the top of her suv hood???

Me. To top it off, it was pretty much right after a Qwest truck about ran me down with your's and brudder's bday presents.

Dang Petco...allowing pet owners to bring their pets.
I was scoping out a puppy and it's new owner when Carl inadvertently crossed path.

lesson learned?
Sweet lil Puppies override Big Sweaty men (in parking lots) every single time. Not even a close tie.
Get with the program Carl.

I thought they were remodeling that B.Y.? Hmmmm....interesting.
Hope we get something good in that spot, it's a strange little center.

Sweet "Bliss" pic. Good memories to live with.