Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another Year Older

It seems like yesterday. But, it was nine years ago I held this little angel in my arms for the first time. Nine years. Where does the time go...
This beautiful girl is amazing. Strong, smart, kind...and ready to tackle the world. In fact, she was so anxious to see the world, she decided to come three weeks early. On Memorial Day Weekend. Throwing quite a kink in the scheduled holiday events. Her dad and I were both working a big street fair (I was in charge of the whole thing). And her Mimi and Papa had their truck loaded up with enough food to feed an army (or a large family party) - headed to their cabin. That Friday morning we were calling city council members, supervisors and parents telling them all plans were off. We were going to have a baby. Now!
After a painless, short delivery (the nurses had to wake me up when she dropped and was ready to see the world), I held my little buttercup in my arms.
She arrived early on that Saturday morning...and she was perfect.
She made me a mom. And she has made me a better person.
I learn from much as she learns from me.
Happy Birthday my sweet girl. Keep making the world shine.

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keep calm and carry on said...

happy birthday beautiful randi!!!!!