Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Random Tuesday

On my morning run (yesterday) the sky was speckled with little clouds just like these. And as I ran by the canal there was a perfect reflection of those little puff balls in the water...a mirror to the sky. It was so calming. This morning on my run I saw the most beautiful pumpkin orange sunrise. It made my heart sing. This May has been hot. Very hot. Record breaking hot. And that heat has not been forgiving to my garden. We were gone over the weekend and I returned to crippling squash plants. They were so sad. Everything else revived after a good watering...but, not those poor squash beauties...I had to let them go. But, we are eating cherry tomatoes off the vine. And, they are delicious. God bless Texas. My older brother moved back to our home state this past weekend. I have a little ping of jealousy...knowing that he will be surrounded by green, green, green beauty. And fireflies. And good thunderstorms. He has happiness in his future. I'm sure of it. He has full custody of his son. He is going to marry his old friend (and I believe first crush). And she supports him. Loves him. And, he is back in the place where his heart has always been. This person inspires me. Beautifully. With her strength and laughter. I have lots of sewing and jam making to do. I am doing a show in 2 1/2 weeks. I really have no business sitting here. Blogging. Oh well.

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