Thursday, June 4, 2009

All Mixed Up

i miss this man. a lot. i miss his good night kisses. and his morning kisses. and his fabulous hugs. i miss hearing his routine in the morning...knowing exactly what he is doing in the kitchen - even though i am not in there. i even (kind of) miss the baby powder that he sprinkles over his beautiful self morning and night... and in the process - covering our bathroom in a fine dust.
my little family is split up right now. randi left for two (sniff, sniff) weeks (wipe tears) on a road trip with her grandparents. cade and i are at the cabin. and mr. c is home. working. when cade and i arrived the other day he wasn't too sure about the whole thing. no daddy. no sissy. just mom (oh the torture). tears started to stream down his little face and he said to me, "i don't like it when we are all mixed up." i wasn't too sure what he meant...until he explained to me that daddy was home, we were here, and sissy was gone. oh, that sweet boy... we will be reunited soon. {photo taken by my friend, n, at her holiday party}

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Randi said...

Oh mommy i cried when i read it! p.s. i love u 2!