Monday, June 1, 2009

Being Nine

this birthday girl wanted to celebrate her day with fondue...
{notice the cute new watch she's sporting} so, the princess was treated to dinner at The Melting Pot... {where she received cute gifts from mimi and papa}
we had a very enjoyable dinner...
dessert, of course, was her favorite.
all sorts of delectable goodies dipped in warm, yummy chocolate.
could it get any better?
she found this dress at a clothing exchange place earlier in the day. she said it was like a ball gown. she loved it. she really wanted wear to dinner. so we bought it. because every girl deserves to feel like a princess on her birthday.
although the day ended with fondue...
it started like this...
when you are nine you get to sleep in. and have homemade waffles. with a candle in the middle. served on the special plate.
and two days later, she had two of her favorite girlfriends spend the night. she didn't want a big party. she just wanted to do crafts. watch movies. swim.
and giggle all night...with her two friends.
i would say it was a happy birthday.

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