Friday, June 12, 2009

Eatin' S'mores

Mmmmm...graham crackers, melted chocolate, and gooey marshmallows. And the best part? This was being consumed at about 10AM...while still wearing jammies.
A little mid-morning snack.
It's a happy Friday around here. Mr. C should be here shortly.
Cade and I can't wait to give him kisses and squeezes.
My friend Misty has been here with me for a couple of days...with her 7 month old cutie pie. (Her hubby is coming up with Mr. C.) We have done a little antique shopping. Some killer mountain runs...pushing the strollers. A lot of talking and laughing. And enjoyed a few cocktails.
Randi will be here in two days. I told Cade he only has to wake up two more times. Yeah! We can't wait to smother her in smooches.
It should be a nice, fun, relaxing weekend.
Happy Weekend!

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