Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers and Birthday Parties

yesterday was nice. it began with cade and i serving mr. c breakfast in bed and ended with a meal (made with great love by moi) of lobster thermidor, warm spinach salad, roasted potatoes, and chocolate lava cake. and in between was lots of swimming and playing.
i think mr. c was very happy.
i am so grateful for the man i married and the wonderful father he is. he loves and cares for each of our four kids...regardless of who shares his blood line. by no means is he perfect (that would be way too boring). but, he is as close to perfect as they come. and he has a heart as big as texas and an open, growing mind...
that makes for a great father.

on my run this morning (which was much easier than my mountain runs have been), i found myself thinking about dads. they play such a vital role in our lives...yet, this relationship seems to be the ones that causes the most pain and struggles (at least in my experience). it seems as though dads are the ones we want to please the most. maybe that's because mom is always there. more of a constant. i don't know. my relationship with my own father is not what i imagined it would be. he has made some poor choices over the past fifteen plus years. choices that have hurt. however, i have finally put the past away. i have no ill will towards him. i wish him happiness and well being. and regardless of what stands between us now...i had a magical, happy childhood. partly due to him. he gave me memories that make me smile.
with all of that said...i have been fortunate enough to have been blessed with a second dad in my life...for this second chapter of my life. this man is the kindest in the world. he has a heart of gold, treats my mom like a queen, and my kids think he hung the moon.
so, happy father's day to both of these men...and to my incredible husband...and wonderful brothers, brother-in-laws and father-in-law...and to all of the great dads out there.
switching gears...
this weekend we also celebrated the 50th birthday of mr.c's big brother. it was a great evening. our friend, rob, entertained (sang) and i enjoyed drinking and laughing with his lovely wife, misty.
but, best of was so nice to see mr.c's family. we all live close - but, i do not see them that often. it was fun to laugh and catch up with my mother-in-law, sisters-in-law, and niece.
And today...i played cinderella. and cleaned. and cleaned. (mr. c kept the house neat...but no dusting or vacuuming had been done in several weeks. yikes.) so, now i sit. typing away. waiting for my fairly godmother to arrive.

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