Thursday, June 18, 2009

Field Trip

yesterday the kids and i had a little field trip. i realized, recently, we were not too far from the petrified forest. so, after breakfast we headed off on a little adventure...(i use that word in the truest form - since we traveled without a map and only vague directions.)
we packed a picnic basket full of yummy foods - to keep us full for the day...and headed out. i had been there when i was about randi's, i didn't remember much. it was so desolate. even the drive through st. john' bare. but, the petrified wood was cool and the kids loved it. these huge "edgar allen poe" ravens were everywhere... kind of creepy. the pained desert was it's own way.
they both completed the educational books and were sworn in as junior rangers.
they have official badges and everything.
they are now excited to visit more national parks - so they can earn more patches.
and my little junior rangers were so good. although i brought the dvd player - they chose not to watch movies. we played rode games all day. games like abc, i spy, and add a story. they bought a few little treasures with the money they earned and didn't ask for more (something i've been working on). they quizzed each other on facts of the petrified forest...and laughed...a lot.
they were happy to drive through all of the little towns i wanted to see. randi was very interested in the history of route, we went through holbrook. we also visited snowflake and taylor...cute towns. it was just getting dark when we finally arrived home. it was a long day. a full day. a fun day.

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