Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Good Morning

After several windy days...we woke up to clear, calm sunshine this morning. Rain poured down last night and washed all of that bad weather away.
It's beautiful.
When I was a youngster we never took elaborate family vacations. Summer would come and we would crawl into the family car (at 4 AM) and drive to Arizona. Our summers were spent at the family cabin on Mt. Graham. I loved it. My mom would act as camp director to me, my brothers, and a few cousins. We would wake up, head out the door and disappear until we were hungry. Forts were made, horny toads caught, berries picked, and games played. All summer long. Those days have given my heart the best memories...
It's funny. When I tell people I have decided to spend the summer at our cabin. The typical response is, "really? what are you going to do?" I was taken back the first time I heard this. What am I going to do? I'm going to relish in the beautiful surroundings. Hike and explore the mountain with my two sugarboos. Go on bear hunts. Bake yummy foods. Create various crafty things. Eat s'mores. Watch the deer graze in the fields every evening. Read. Play. Smile.
Act as camp director.

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McClain family said...

I miss those fun summer family adventures from our childhood, but like you treasure the memories revisited often! I remember "mother nature"(aka aunt Darlene) making it rain like magic:) Long hikes(or so they seemed back then) to the bear caves and the TIRE SWING:) Funny that Jarelyn will probably feel the same as you do about going to AZ at 4am! I hope she grows up and has the same happiness as she looks back on summer vacations at the cabin on Mt Graham:)