Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lil' Critters

living the mountain life we get to learn about all kinds of lil' critters...
like horny toads.
cade and i caught this little guy yesterday - while on a run. after i caught him i told cade that they shoot blood out of their eyes to scare away predators. (little tidbit of information i had stored away in the recesses of my brain.) a little further down the trail we saw a bigger one. cade spotted him...and quickly got away from him...fearful of getting blood on him.
as soon as we returned home - we googled horny toads. we wanted to know what they eat. i told cade they were carnivores and without hesitation he suggested we make the toad a steak. yes. a little fillet mignon for our reptile friend. i, instead, suggested we catch some ants and spiders for our new friend. that didn't sit too well with cade. so, he recruited the two neighbor boys (teenagers) to collect ants and spiders for him.
but, our new friend (whom cade lovely called Diego Jack) wasn't eating. so, this morning we said our goodbyes and sent him on his merry way. the last thing i want is a dead horny toad!
now cade has his sights set on the baby bunny living under the cabin.
he will name him Diego Clouds.
{you too can see the horny toad in action here.}

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