Friday, June 26, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

last night (thanks to mimi) we cheered on our dbacks in person. it was such a nice evening. the stadium roof was open...and you could see the lovely summer rain clouds floating above...
as well as the beautiful sunset sky.
we love the seats we get. in fact, on the way there randi asked where our seats are and mr. c told her they were the same as last time. she replied, "yes! i love those seats. especially because we get a personal servant." nice, huh? the seats are in an area with menus and servers.
i'm not sure they would like being called servants!
we ate, cheered, and got on camera during the
7th inning stretch - singing "take me out to the ball game". fun, fun!
as we were walking out randi said, "wow...look how sparkly the ground is (the cement)."
I said, "yup. why do you think it's like that?"
randi replied, "ummm...pixie dust!"
ohhh...please stay young at heart forever.
happy weekend to each and everyone!

1 comment:

denise kimball said...

The sisterhood of GNO's LIVES!!
glad you found what you were lookin' for in the female companionship dept!!

I'm with ya on those:
"hatin, snickerin', judgie types.
(So Jr. High. Ok, so 2008 ;)

And YOU are now able to move freely among the night time chitter chatter of girlio's "spreading" the good word and good butter.

There's hope for coco, mar & the ever so much fun ME...Yet!!! Lookin forward to the 4th.
mmmmm...I know bro is going to whip up some great Nom Nom Nom's.
foodie freak.