Monday, July 27, 2009

Go! Fight! Win!

last week, randi attended cheer camp. not just any cheer camp. it is THE camp. the one she looks forward to all year. this was her 5th year to attend...and she loves it.
and, being that i will always be a cheerleader at heart, i love it too.
they still teach the same silly songs and cheers i did...back in the day.
the camp is four days and ends with a fun performance of dance and cheer. this year, randi's dance ended with blowing a kiss and a "fierce" move (that is what she called it). she couldn't wait to show me. it was pretty darn cute.
the high school girls (putting on the event) performed to. however, they only had jv and varisty squads. after talking with the head cheerleader after the show, i learned that they do not have enough girls trying out (only 4 freshman), therefore, they had to condense the squads. she said it is getting smaller and smaller every year.
aaaggghhhh!!! what is this world coming to???
our tryouts went on for a couple of whittle the numbers down...
because we had so many trying out.
come to find's not just cheerleading. football, baseball, and other highschool teams are hurting for kids to tryout. i just don't get it. what are the kids doing now? i know it's not for everyone. i get that. but. not having enough to even form a squad? that...i do not get.

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