Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hello Again

i do not believe i have gone this long without posting since i started this ol' blog of mine...almost a year ago. and...i have no excuse. life just got in the way. but, it's a good life.
i spent a couple of weeks going back and forth between our city home (where it is hotter than H, E, double L) and our country home. but, i came to my senses and am residing in the cooler climate...wishing it was a permanent residence.
so...what's been going on? well...we had some wonderful guests, a festive july 4th with some special guests, lots of hiking, baking, and jam making.
our dear friends, chris and cruz, spent the holiday weekend with us. they are such a darling couple...and my kids are in love with her!
they surprised us by preparing dinner friday night. they cooked, cleaned, and waited on us hand and foot. they would not allow us to lift a finger. plus...the meal was fabulous. linguine with clam sauce, bbq shrimp, salad, bread and lots of vino...mmmmmm. while they cooked...we busted some moves outside by the fire. cade gets his rhythm from his father...he can shake it!
and this beauty gets her moves from her mother. she can really groove!
pretty darn cute. my heart was smiling...
on july 4th, mr. c's parents and sister and brother in law came for a visit. it was so nice having them here. we cooked up some yummy food and enjoyed it the midst of a huge, beautiful thunderstorm. but, mother nature knew what day it was. so, she cleared up those gray skies just in time for us to head to town to watch the magical fireworks show.
it was the first time cade had seen (or remembered seeing) fireworks. he and randi loved them. it really was a beautiful show. watching fireworks are just happy. you can't help but makes me feel like a kid.
which is such a happy feeling.
the rest of the week has been spent hiking and playing. i made some homemade bread yesterday. i was nervous because of the altitude...but, it turned out better than ever. see...everything is happier up here.
i miss this beautiful man like crazy. we are only apart for a few days...but, it's a long few days.
but, he will be here shortly. and i will shower him in kisses and hugs.

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Deb and Emerson said...

I am SO excited that you posted on your blog, I have been checking everyday for updates. I am glad that you had such a wonderful holiday weekend. We miss you down here (it's kind of like a Bikram yoga class down in Phoenix with humidity and all!) Love, Deb