Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sewing Treasures

although i endured the monster of temper tantrums the other day...
i was able to find a few treasures.
the cute little table has a cool enamel top...and i love the raggedy ann and andy jar sitting on top. it's perfect to hold scissors, seam rippers, etc.
and the darling orange box/stand? it's an old sewing box.
and yesterday i dragged that poor boy to a fabric store. i decided to go to sally's fabrics vs. joann's because i thought there would be less temptations there (for him). i thought there would be nothing he wanted. i would be safe. ha! silly me.
he found train fabric. truck fabric. airplane fabric. fire truck fabric.
and much more...but, that's all i agreed to buy.
so, i have lots of sewing to do. we immediately came home and made this cute (reversible)
tote bag. it's already been filled and refilled many times. happily.

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