Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Temper Tantrums

as silly and sweet as you look right now...you can change in a flash...and those horns come out.
my sweet boy,
yesterday you and i visited my favorite antique mall. i was in search of a table for the craft room and you were more than happy to go on a treasure hunt with me. you and sissy always enjoy walking around there. you were perfect. an angel. for 95% of the venture.
we were there for almost two hours. the ladies working there loved you and couldn't believe how well behaved you were. you had brought your own money and had picked out several treasures. (although you were not allowed to get them all, you agreed to look over your selections when we were ready to pay.) but, then you found a fabulous lego set
and decided to put everything back...for that one set.
as we were (finally) ready to check out, you decided you really wanted a little truck to with your lego set. you had been so good...therefore, i agreed. but then...all hell broke lose. i don't even know what hit you. everything was rung up. paid for. the treasures were being wrapped up - when you decided you wanted a different truck. you began crying. screaming. kicking. behaving like you were 2...not almost 5. there was a line of patrons behind me and two clerks in front of me. i was. mortified. i left everything there and carried you out to the car. i was sweating. it could have been 40 below outside and i still would have been sweating like mad. however, it was 114 out...and probably 130 as i walked across that parking lot. holding you. while you were screaming and kicking. repeatedly asking me where your things were...why did i leave them in the store??? our conversation went like this:
you: crying. screaming.
me: (wanting to cry and scream) why in the world should i allow you to
get anything when you are behaving like this?
you: (still crying) because i love you. i really, really love you!!!
oh, child of mine. you kill me.
the real reason i took you out to the car was to gain my composure. i had no intention of leaving our purchases there. i couldn't. all sales are final. plus, i had to bring the
car closer so i could load up the table i found.
the drive home was full of tears and questions. me asking, "how could you behave this way?" and you asking, "can i still have my legos and truck?"
by the time we arrived home, we were both hot and exhausted. i tucked your little treasures away and we had a little talk. after a while, you gave me a sweet apology...that only you could give. and this morning...you are happily playing with your legos and truck.
does that make me a push over?

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keep calm and carry on said...

oh no!!!! that makes me want to go there tho....