Thursday, August 13, 2009

Birthday Celebration

last night we had all of the family over to help us celebrate cade's 5th year of life.
he and daddy had fun opening presents! and cute little emerson had fun watching - with mimi and his daddy.
guess who's walking?! he takes off as sweet ashley makes sure he doesn't tumble over.
zach and ashley are a cool looking rocker couple...aren't they?
cool ty was there too...but, he was never in my camera frame.
uncle mike, aunt mary and nana chatted away.
papa joe enjoyed himself at the party too...but, again, i missed him with the camera!
mimi and papa were all smiles watching the birthday boy.
of course, sissy and aunt debbie were there too. (i wasn't the best party photographer!)
mr. c cooked for everyone. filet mignon, baked potatoes, corn on the cob, veggie medley, was delish. and what did i do? well, i bought the snickers ice cream cake...decorated, and entertained the kids all day with trips to cade's favorite places...changing hands bookstore, wildflower cafe, and the dinosaur museum (museum of of natural history).
it was a fun filled birthday for one little boy.
and after a good night's sleep...
my sugarboos have headed off on a special trip with mimi and papa this morning.
they are flying in the sky as i type away.
and i'm sure they are already having a blast!

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Chris said...

I can't believe Cade's five!!!It looks like he had a fun birthday!