Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Childless Weekend

my little sugarboos happily flew off with mimi and papa last thursday. they had a wonderful time exploring papa's old stomping good ol' iowa. they saw the covered bridges of madison county, rode a train, had a blast at the state fair, visited with family, and...
wore my parents out!
while they were doing all of that fun c and i had some fun of our own.
we headed up north on our lovely mountain home...
where the temperatures hovered around 70.
we had a nice, leisurely breakfast. endured a beautiful 10 mile hike (hoping to see a bear...we only saw cows). the above picture was one of the many breathtaking views we saw. and the below picture is my handsome mr. c...happily hiking.
and then...we napped all afternoon.
had a lovely dinner at the peaks...with a lovely bottle of wine. and then...we visited with local friends at a nearby bar...where i consumed one too many martinis. (i know better than that. those things are the devil.) i was fast asleep by 10.
well. i had too much fun the night, i spent most of the day lounging. watching tv and reading. and nibbling on crackers. mr. c (while not taking care of his wife) ran to town and worked in the yard. that evening he made me a yummy dinner of raviolis and grilled salad. we ate outside while watching forrest gump.
we enjoyed another nice breakfast. killed ourselves on a very hilly bike ride (it was awesome).
and..melted away while getting massages.
that evening, we enjoyed a few beverages while driving the ranger down some back roads. we explored areas we had never seen...big, gorgeous, open fields. we imagined owning a big, ranch home...with chickens and horses...and maybe cows. (i could do without them. but, it would be fun to say to the kids, "before you play - you have to milk the cows." and
"ol' bessy needs milking.")
it was such an awesome evening. i was scooched in the i could sit right by him.
it made me think of my nana and papa mac. every evening they would hop in his old ford and head out on a drive...across the river, checking out farms...and she would sit right in the middle ...and they may have enjoyed some beverages too...
we, sadly, left that morning. but, happily, we got to see our little punkins. they flew in that afternoon. everyone was full of smiles...and a little exhaustion.
thank you mimi and papa for spending that unforgettable time with the them experiences they will treasure forever...and for giving us a little honeymoon.

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