Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Sleepless Night with Edward

i never have trouble sleeping. ever. my head hits the pillow and i'm out for a good 7 to 8 hours. however, a few days ago i succumbed to the hype and began reading Twilight. the only reason i picked up the book is because randi continually expressed interest in it. so, i finally said i would read it and determine if it was suitable for her (which it's not). i really was not that interested in this teeny bopper book. but. never judge a book...
i finished the 500 page book in a matter of days. i have become completely addicted. i would dream about it. and last night...after waking up a few times...i finally grabbed the flippin' book and finished the darn thing. at 2 am. this afternoon...i had rented the movie and watched it. seriously. it is ridiculous.
and...edward. oh , edward.
i am so in love with him.


ashbash2010 said...

oh me too! i finished the entire series in 2 weeks. Enjoy! I am obsessed now!

keep calm and carry on said...

no!! Edward is mine!!! I have new moon if you want to borrow it.

dpapwatson said... sound like me! I totally have to tell Dusty. Iam insanly obsessed and have been since the first day I picked up that book. Payton was about 3 weeks old and I had all four of them read in a week and a half. My poor kids were neglected. Everytime I talk about it Dusty says "What grade are you in?
8th?" So everytime I find an adult who loves the books, I make a point to tell him. Thanks for giving me one more person to tell him enjoys the books and LOVES Edward!