Friday, August 28, 2009

We Made It

we did it! we made it through the first week of school and i'm still smiling and (somewhat) sane!
we have tons to go...but, so far - so good.
{yes, i chopped off the hair last week...feels so refreshing.}
we, actually, had a great week. we did not have to waste time getting organized or acquainted. we hit the floor running. we stayed on task and on schedule...
randi is easy. she is motivated and has a genuine thirst for learning. today she aced her spelling test, math test, and did an awesome presentation on the Mayans.
cade...would rather be playing. but, he was a trooper. he loves math and will play any and all math games. letters, sight words, writing...not so much. i was three days in before i found a letters game he really enjoyed.
they both enjoy fitness fun (of course) and arts/crafts. and they suffer through their daily spanish lesson (through rosetta stone). i sometimes hear randi yelling at the computer - while doing spanish...and cade's little voice is comical when speaking spanish.
and, my blogging absence has not been because of my schooling obligations...but, because of that damn edward. each evening i would sneak away to the comfy sofa in the piano room and read. i finished the second book in three days and found a used copy of the third one (for $5) yesterday at Changing Hands. i'm almost afraid to pick it will cause me to shun any and all responsibilities for the family may miss me. but, maybe edward is worth it. ; )


keep calm and carry on said...

you are an awesome teacher AND mommy Mrs. Collum. let's do some field trips together. thank you for the special presents the other day. i have been playing with my new toy and am getting some ideas for our craft tables. i may come up with some stuff afterall!

ps.s i'm starting eclipse tonite!!!!!

Chris said...

cute hair!!!!love it!!