Friday, September 11, 2009

Come Out, Come Out Where Ever You Are

dear fall,
i miss you. i am ready for you to come and out and play...regardless of how short and sweet your visit is. i need to feel your cool air kissing my cheeks...and see your beautiful wardrobe. we, phoenicians have endured enough...three months of 110+ days...come on! you really need to be assertive...push summer out of the way. it is your turn to be in the spotlight. these muggy, hot days of summer are getting old. fast. it's september - for crying out loud! football is starting...soon we will be picking out pumpkins to carve...please don't make us sweat through that...again. and even worse, the stores are filling their windows with enticing sweaters, boots, and blazers. please. i beg of you...kick summer's sunshine booty into next year. (i may be ready for it in about eight or nine months.) i promise to wear fun, fall fashions...bake apple in the leaves...and love you. forever. please hurry.
your friend,

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