Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Few Political Thoughts

ok. i have to address some political issues. i've been quiet for way too long.
yes, i watched the speech last night. by accident. i thought i was flipping on cute Anderson Cooper...but, instead i caught the beginning of President Obama's health care address. so, i sat and watched the entire speech with great interest...
{first} in my humble opinion...everything he said made sense. truly. i'm not going to ramble on and on...about how could anyone listen to his address and not agree. i'm not going to say that one just needs an open mind and open heart to understand what he is saying. just not going to go there.
{second} i did find some comic relief in the "stand up/sit down" game they were playing. up, down, up, down. i was getting motion sickness just watching them. although nancy was quick on her feet...vp biden seemed a little tired of the game.
{third} ummm...the republicans pouting was a little over the top. they reminded me of a group of high school jocks who were just told they would not be playing in the state play-offs...due to misbehavior. and the shout outs...calling the president a liar. that guy must have some major self esteem issues. i mean, name calling...really?
{finally} thumbs down to school officials and parents for not allowing students to watch the president's education address. i'm curious...for those students who were not allowed to listen to the president...what tv shows and movies do they watch? what kind of music do they listen to? what and who are they texting or twittering, etc.? with all of the crap that is surrounding all of us (especially our youth)...why would one of the things you ban your child to our president tell them to be responsible, have goals, stay in school, work hard? he basically told them to be accountable...a little trait that has disappeared over the years. i understand we have rights as parents. (hell, i tried to keep mine home.) and, i understand some may not agree with the president. i respect that. however, can't we allow our youth to form opinions? exercise their free agency? and teach them different thoughts may not be wrong...but just...different.
ok. glad to get that off my chest. i can go about my day now.
thank you.

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