Thursday, September 17, 2009

A New Piece of Furniture

there was great enthusiasm in his voice when he called me last week. mr. c had found a stairmaster (you usually do not find them outside of gyms). not only did he find one...but he found a great deal. and. he took advantage of that great deal...and bought it.
he called to share the exciting news.
within a few days it was delivered. mr. c was absent at the time of delivery. therefore, he could not appreciate the grandness of this machine. it is HUGE! i don't think he realized just how big it was when he ordered it. (it seems much bigger in my little ol' home than it does in a massive gym.) i had to put it in the bedroom because it needs vaulted ceilings. and to put it in the bedroom meant rearranging furniture. but. it's all good. i LOVE it. and the bonus of it all? not only do i get to exercise while watching my favorite tv shows...but, i can finally dust that tall plant behind it...and the pot shelf above it! woo-hoo!

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Unknown said...

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