Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Opening

last friday my amazing little brother had his premier...his first gallery opening.
it was awesome! (that's him on the right...describing his work to an admirer.)
he had a great turn out. friends, family, and strangers...were all amazed by his talent.
and this little button nose was there...so dang cute! and the sweet mama to this cute little munchkin was there...supporting her hubby. { i had to take a picture of the food and flowers...my little contribution to the evening.}
his work is incredible.
{i believe he sold this piece.}
full of color and delight.
the artist (my brother) again.
describing his work. to another fan.
more admirers.
this piece was my favorite.
it made you think. wonder. smile.
congratulations troy!
it was perfect.

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