Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So, I Was Thinking...

  • it's already wednesday and i haven't posted for the week.
  • Ginko what i should be taking. because. the other night i forgot i had eggs boiling. i didn't even remember when i could hear crackling sounds coming from the kitchen AND smells wafting through the air. it wasn't until i saw the burning pot that it dawned on me. agghhh!!! there was no water left and as soon as i moved the pot off the burner...the eggs exploded. EXPLODED! all over my kitchen and living room. i even had eggs on the ceiling fan. then, last night, i almost flooded our bathroom when i forgot i left the water running. yikes!
  • Baskin Robbins...the kids and i headed over there after dinner last night. and, i was jumping for joy. because...they brought back the original Daiquiri Ice. i used to get it all the time when i was a kid. over the years they took it away, then brought it back - but different. now the old school stuff is back and it's so good! so, of course i had a scoop. on a sugar cone. mmmmmm....
  • kids and school...we are all VERY happy. and. loving the schedule.
  • blood. yes, blood. i have been a regular donor for...i don't know...a year? year and a half? anyway, i donated yesterday and received my gallon pin. yup. they have taken a gallon of of my blood...and put it to good use.
  • Disneyland in c surprised us with a weekend trip (in a few weeks). it will be cade's first time. we are all super excited!
  • 80's and 90's...that is what our temperature will FINALLY be dropping to, here in good ol' phoenix. welcome fall. yahoo!!!

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