Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend Sillies

randi has jumped right into school without missing a beat...and with school comes all of her friends. she had playdates all weekend! yesterday, she and her friend were dressing up, sneaking out the back door, coming around to ring the door bell and acting like crazy characters. there were wigs, costumes, glitter, and make-up all of the place...they had lots of fun! and this sweet boy helped himself to a little snack. while i was working in the craft room, he walked in - his arms full - had a seat - and was as happy as could be! (and yes, we needed not one...but two jars of peanut butter.) other weekend events: friday my parents came over for dinner. mr.c fed us yummy lobster rolls. saturday i participated in a vendor fair in downtown mesa. it was small and quiet...but i met some fabulous people and did ok on my sales (enough to make it worth my while). while i was doing c played mr. mom. entertaining the kids, driving randi to her nutcracker rehearsal and playdates, taking care of a fevered cade, etc., etc. sunday...we just enjoyed the day.

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