Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Blogging Neglect

i cannot believe how neglectful i have been. my poor blog. my poor, lonely blog. i will make it up to you soon...but, for now, here are some updates...
  • cade received his orange stripe belt in karate. it was his first advancement and he was so excited. he had the whole "tongue in cheek" expression on his face when he was called up to receive it.
  • i had a ladies cocktail party last friday night. i had a great time (and hope everyone else did). it was fun to cook up so food and decorate the table with fall leaves and candles. and, i have the most fabulous group of girlfriends. they are all sweet, fun, smart and wonderful.
  • my cute brother and sister in law celebrated an anniversary...5th...i think.
  • fall break...randi headed to safford to enjoy the county fair and spend time with her dad and family there. cade and i headed up to greer to enjoy the beautiful fall c will be joining us soon.
  • i planted some broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce and onions in my lovely garden. i can't wait to see what comes up!
  • soon we will be visiting mickey and goofy...can't wait!

i have many thoughts floating through my head. i will get back to blogging soon...with pictures of fall leaves and disneyland!

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