Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Carving Up a Pumpkin...or Two...Or Four

tonight we happily carved our spooky pumpkins and watched "Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown".
ok. not exactly.
i scooped out all of the guts (not sure how i got stuck with that job).
mr. c did all the carving.
the kids found pictures of what they wanted the pumpkins to look like.
cade and randi argued over who had more seeds.
cade kept telling us he didn't want to get his hands sticky...
and then proceeded to drive his hot wheel through the goopey guts.
they soon got bored with the pumpkins and began
planning a piano and guitar concert...for our entertainment.
as for Charlie Brown...
mr. c and i enjoyed the peanuts gang.
along with the rest of the grown-ups who were
trying to get their kids to watch the classic.

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