Monday, October 5, 2009

Fancy Schmancy Date Night

late thursday afternoon, we received a call from a friend inviting us to a black tie event. the next night. yikes! we excitedly said yes and quickly made sitter arrangements. now, i already had this fabulous dress (that i had never worn)...but, mr. c needed a tux.
and...he had to buy it..but he found one great one.
(he looked oh so sexy!)
so, we got all dolled up and headed to Zoofari (a fundraising event for the phoenix zoo). we had a great time...with our VIP passes and limo driver!
afterwards, we attended a private party at the home of the person chairing the event. this home was...breathtaking. built on the side of camelback mountain, it overlooked the entire valley.
the weather was perfect.
the night was full of smiles.
i got to get all dressed up.
and. i got be with this gorgeous man.

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denise kimball said...

Hot Hot Hot....'nuff said.