Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy 250th

in celebration of my 250th post...i got a new do!
ok. really, i got a new do and as i was preparing to blog about it...i realized it would be my 250th!
i have been wanting to do a short pixie cut forever (over ten years). but, i was too chicken.
but, i decided life is too short. it's just hair. if it's horrible - it will grow back.
or, it could be the greatest thing in the world...and i would never know unless i tried it.
and guess what? i love it! i was in shock for the first day or two. but, now...
i am as happy as a clam. and mr. c really likes it. he said he found!
now, in keeping with the 250th celebration...
i would like to mention a few little tidbits about moi...
  • sushi
  • baking
  • pizza
  • old movies
  • flowers
  • sunday mornings


  • celery
  • narrow minded people
  • peas
  • dumb, slap-stick comedy
  • cleaning the shower


The Bookout Family said...

I LOVE IT!!!!! You are seriously ROCKIN the short/pixie cut..... Yeah it grows back but it looks SMASHING!!!!!

keep calm and carry on said...

you're hot.

Chris said...

SO cute Mindy!!!I can't wait to see it in person!!