Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pumpkins and Butterflies

last weekend we were entertained at the desert botanical gardens.
it was their annual "pumpkin festival" and the
monarch butterflies were all a flutter in the butterfly pavilions.
the pavilions are beautiful... and the butterflies are delightful.
mimi and papa came along with us on our little field trip.
after enjoying the butterflies, we headed to the pumpkin festival...
where we snagged the perfect pumpkins!
have i mentioned how much i love this man?
and how incredibly sexy i think he is?
cade found one almost as big as he was!
we had a nice time.
and, thank you to mimi and papa for having randi and cade
over for a slumber party the night before.
mr. c and i ate sushi...watched "the proposal"...
had massages...
and slept in.
it. was. fabulous.
have i mentioned how incredibly AWESOME my parents are?
thank you.

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