Saturday, November 14, 2009

Good Things

once again the week has passed by as i blinked my eyes.
saturday. already. whew!
although the week is winding down with my little guy not feeling so hot...
and me getting by on a couple of hours of sleep...
the week was filled with lots of smiles and laughs.
on wednesday, the kids and i hopped in the car and drove to tucson
to visit some very dear friends.
i get to laugh with this neighbor all summer long while we are in greer...
but, school starts and we have to go our separate ways.
so, we decided to have a little field trip!
linda and her youngest son took us to the southwest desert museum.
it was beautiful. it was a combination of the botanical gardens and the zoo.
we saw...
bobcats, mountain lions, deer, raccoons, foxes, wolves,
beavers, otters, an ocelot, prarie dogs,
and lots of creepy crawlies...snakes, scorpion, spiders, lizards...
and lots more. and, we saw them close up - but, in their natural setting.
plus, we talked and laughed and laughed and talked!
this darling family of four are such dear friends to us...and they are GOOD people.
we love you guys. thank you!
i loved watching cade have his sharing day at school. he was so sweet and shy as he showed his john deere fighter jet and answered questions his classmates asked.
from there, i helped in randi's classroom. she is beautiful and smart. and a joy to watch.
(however, i wasn't feeling this same warm fuzzy feeling the other morning.
as i was trying to get everyone out the door...find my keys..
realizing we were late - as usual...and listening to them fight over a movie.
ugh! i was flinging out "not nice" words left and right...
then had to apologize as we got down the road.)
last night we had mr. c's mom over for dinner...
to celebrate her birthday (which took place earlier in the week).
zach, ashley, ty and my parents came to help celebrate too.
it was such a nice evening.
all in all...a good week.

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