Thursday, November 5, 2009

Just Breathe...and Go.

yesterday i had a little treat.
i left the kids with mr. c.
for 24 hours.
as i've mentioned before, i have a hard time just having dinner with friends...
let alone leaving over night.
so, imagine my surprise when mr. c suggested i go visit my mom in sedona.
{my very talented mom is there for the week - at an art workshop.}
i told him he was crazy.
i couldn't leave in the middle of the school week.
he assured me he could handle it.
{i know he could...but...well. ok. i don't know what my problem is} after some quick rearranging, i packed a bag and headed for the red rocks.
just being in the car alone...was heaven.
i jammed to my favorite cds.
zoned out.
let the wind blow through the car.
when i arrived in sedona, my mom was just finishing up.
they were all painting outside at a popular merchant square area.
i met the other artists (all very nice),
and then my mom and i went to rene's (a favorite of mine and mr.c's).
we sat outside and enjoyed a couple glasses of wine.
talking and laughing.
enjoying the one on one company...that we seldom get.
we then had dinner at a different restaurant...
where we talked and laughed some more.
this morning she headed out to paint in jerome.
and i headed out on a nice, long run.
i took my time getting home.
driving through camp verde and cottonwood.
taking it all in.
i was back in time to give mr. c some big thank you kisses and
pick everyone up from school...where i received happy greetings.
and those hugs and kisses felt extra good.
; )


anna said...

What a fun little escape! I wondered where your mom had disappeared to! I tried calling her cell to invite you both to the cutest little boutique I went to this weekend (i need to get your cell # ...)

denise kimball said...

Warning, this comment covers about 3 or 4 other posts you've made.
(I save them up!)
So about this post.
Super Duper it's true? the umbilical cord isn't actually attached to your front door?!? So nice you got to see that marv-mama of yours, that's always the best.
About your hair
Good to know my pixified friend;) it is adorable..
About the Blissfest:
Dang...glad to hear you made to the blissfest, wish I would have known you were headin' down there we could have had a tea or something?
About Thanksgiving:
Remember if you need produce/organic or not, I can order it a lot cheaper through my guys. And if we're not into dishes this year, I have THE prettiest chargers that accommodate plastics/paper plates...U KNOW, I do dishes or touch dishes or bus dishes all week, sooooo..I'm down w/the pretty clear plastic. I'm just sayin...plastic/my chargers. It's a good thing.
So Anna, where is the cutest boutique?
Got to know about the "cutest anything."