Monday, November 16, 2009

NASCAR: It's Not Just for Rednecks

guess what i did yesterday?
yup. the four us, along with 299,996 other people, attended
NASCAR at phoenix international raceway.
and, although there were lots of interesting people there,
they weren't all rednecks...
i mean, we were there!
but, i did see my share of beer bellies, men wearing frayed sleeved shirts (for some reason they felt it made more of a fashion statement without the sleeves), and old ladies with long painted nails, rings on every finger, holding their cans of bud. it was all a carnival ride for the eyes!
we had pit passes. so, before the race, we were able
to get a little closer to the cars.
{see the "lights" on this car? i kept thinking of the movie cars and how sally
called lightning mcqueen "stickers".}
my little UPS guy loved this miniature UPS truck.
although this one was a little reluctant about the whole day...
she warmed up to the idea and had just as much fun as the rest of us.
a happy trio.
before the race, they introduced the drivers as they rode on the back of a vette.
this car had already dropped off his NASCAR driver...
but, i just loved this car.
it was my favorite of the whole day!
they did a tribute to all vets and had some celebrity (can't remember his name) sing the national anthem. towards the end of the anthem - four fighter jets flew over head.
it was goose-bump making, tear flowing, amazing!
and, they offered a moment of silence. you truly could not hear a thing.
there were tons of people there and not one of them made a peep.
i'll give them this...
they are a very respectful group.
and, the reason we were there?
for this little blue eyed wonder.
although mr.c and i no very little about NASCAR...
this kid can tell you who drives what car and other little tidbits.
the drivers are getting ready...
and, they're off!
they were in and out of the pit stops in a matter of seconds.
and, they are unbelievably fast on the track.
a blur whizzing by.
and the sound...could break your eardrums!
it was a very interesting experience.
would we do it again?
was it more fun than we expected?
was it worth it...just to see cade's face?

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keep calm and carry on said...

cade looks like he wwas in heaven!!