Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Pancake Morning

typically, i'm a solid sleeper. however, i have those rare nights where i wake up (for whatever reason) and cannot go back to sleep. last night was one of those nights. it was one o'clock when i cracked my eyes open with a splitting headache...and i tossed and turned for the next two hours. i finally fell back asleep - only to wake up again at five when mr. c got up. i forced myself to go back to sleep.
the next thing i knew it was after six and mr. c was climbing back in bed. i knew i should be getting up. getting lunches made, waking up kids, making breakfast, etc. but, it felt so good in my warm bed. i said to mr. c, "let's just stay here until they (the kiddos) wake up".
minutes later, cade was crawling into our bed. and a short while later, randi followed. we all snuggled, cuddled and giggled. it was so nice.
finally, not wanting randi to be too late for school, i prodded everyone up and headed to the kitchen to make some chocolate chip pancakes.
i love those pancake, slow moving mornings.
although my headache is still nagging in my head...
we are all starting our day with smiles.