Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sick Days

i have been sick. and i NEVER get sick. i pride myself on not getting sick.
but, the bug got me.
it wasn't terrible. it just dragged on. and on. and on.
just when i thought i was feeling better...
i lost my voice. for two days.
then, the coughing attacks started.
then, i was sooo tired.
so, following the suggestion of mr. c, i spent yesterday in bed.
boring. boring. boring.
but...i feel much better today.
and, my dear husband gets some brownie points.
while i was passed out in bed...he...
worked all day.
picked up the kids.
went to the grocery store.
made dinner (even invited my dad over. mom's out of town.)
cleaned the kitchen.
checked homework.
did baths.
made sure toys were picked up.
brought me chicken soup.
love that man.

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Deb and Emerson said...

Kudos to Mr. C for taking such excellent care of you and Happy (Belated) Anniversary to you both. Glad to hear that you're feeling better. xoxo