Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend Treats

i had a fabulous weekend!
friday night.
my wonderfully, fun friend - nellie -and i headed down to the blissfest in mesa. we were all decked out in our cowgirl and all.
the party was held at this adorable house/restaurant in downtown mesa. the ambiance was amazing. darling. i wanted to live there.
there were lots of great vendors...antiques, jewels, clothes, accessories.
we both had our hair done up with cute little western bows and feathers.
but. the main reason we wanted to go. was. that.
nienie was supposed to be there.
we looked for her all night.
and. just when we were ready to leave...
who was standing at the gates?
nienie and christien!!!
they gave us hugs. talked about marriage, children, and how inspiring they are.
and. she told me she LOVED my hair.
we walked away on clouds...
my mom, randi, and i went to the local first event in phoenix. the free food and music were great. the vendors...not so much.
then, randi and i hit the new goodwill store (where everything was 50% off).
it was fruitful and entertaining!
mr. c woke up and suggested we go to breakfast and then take the kids to the state fair.
randi and i were going to go see ballet az - swan lake.
he said he would just take cade.
ok. yeah. like randi wanted to miss the fair.
fortunately. troy and debbie happily took my ballet tickets...
so i could go to the fair. (and they said the performance was beautiful.)
the fair was a sight in it's own right.
the kids had fun.
we rode lots of rides.
played lots of games.
won prizes.
and ate corn dogs.
what more could you ask for?

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