Tuesday, December 15, 2009

North Pole Experience

this weekend we did something amazing. awesome. magical.
we took a trolley ride from greer...through a portal...to the north pole. we arrived at santa's workshop... where sprinkles (the elf) did a secret knock on the door... and they let us in. the first thing we saw was santa's hall of fame. one of my personal favorites was on display... a lite brite. then alabaster (the head elf) visited with us about what we would be doing... once we entered the workshop. we made toys!!! rocket guns and teddy bears.
we then donated them. all of the toys were being sent to kids who needed them...
to make their christmas bright.
when we finished working we had cookies and snowman soup...
and visited with the elves.
{the entire place was cozy and smelled sweet from all of the yummy cookies baking.}
and then...
jolly old st. nick came to check on us.
{we got to see him again later...
we sat on his lap and told him what we wished for christmas.}
next, the elves took us to elf school.
we sat at their desks and had lessons on toy making and wrapping.
they also took us to their sleeping quarters and playroom.
when we were all done we rode the magical trolley back to molly butler's in greer...
where mrs. claus was waiting for us.
she read us stories, showed us santa's toy train,
and let us color and write letters to santa.
the evening can be summed up with these smiles.
we had them all night.
it was cold and snowy.
we sang christmas carols.
christmas spirit was drifting through the air...and we breathed it all in.
{note: if you live in arizona...i HIGHLY recommend this. we've done polar express and loved it...but, this is even better!}

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anna said...

what magical place is this? It sounds wonderful! Where is it?