Saturday, December 12, 2009

On My Mind...

i'm glad to glance at other blogs and see that a lot of us are not posting as often as usual.
it's that time of year i guess.
here's a little recap of of my life the last several days...
and thoughts circling my head...
  • snow. we had a big storm hit our state and i can't wait to get up to our mountain home and see all the fluffy white.
  • my house. how i love to see all the christmas decorations. the lights twinkling...inside and out. it makes me so happy.
  • the nutcracker. randi's performance is a few days away. today is picture day and i have to (or get to) get her all dolled works.
  • karate. cade got a new belt last week. to say he was excited was an understatement.
  • my ankles. they have been sore for a while...but, i thought it was just from getting old and teaching classes. however, after teaching two step classes back to back, i felt my achilles tendon "pop". after a trip to the doctor i learned that i had tendinitis AND bursitis in BOTH ankles. the right one, however, is more severe. while the dr. was explaining to me why it happens (from wear and tear) and what it is...he put it in a nutshell for me..."welcome to middle age", he said. yeah. thanks doc. that helped A LOT!
  • a serger. that is on my christmas list. maybe santa will bring it.
  • christmas cards. i need to get them out this week.
  • a red door. we just painted our front door red. and it looks fabulous!
  • mr. c. i love my life with him. good times and bad...he is an incredible man whom i love madly.
  • time of year. i am in such a better place this year. last year i was a bit more of a scrooge. i always love this time of hear and i'm glad to have my old self back!

1 comment:

denise kimball said...

Oooooh sweet Mind...sniff sniff
I'm afraid we've traded places this year. I'm TRYING not to be the scrooge, I usually leave that up to RPK, cause he does such a FAB job doing it!
I'm so darn sorry about your ankles, when I began to read that part of it, I was thinking, SHE FOUND BOOTS!
Ya know, that fit?! Dang.Welp. We've GOT to sit and talk. Mary, Mindy & Me. Soon. Really Really Soon.
denise c. not k.
soon? hopefully joyfully remarkably calm me.