Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

2010. a new decade.
we brought in the new year surrounded by beautiful white snow.
we arrived at our mountain home yesterday afternoon...just in time to settle in for a relaxing new year's eve.
we watched a little bit of "the three stooges" marathon. really. pretty funny.
we snacked. all evening. on macaroni and cheese, chicken, and cucumbers.
{cade picked the menu}.
mr. c and i enjoyed some lovely wine.
cade and i fell asleep. early.
i woke back up around eleven. mr. c was asleep by 11:30.
i flipped channels between time sqaure festivities and old sex and the city episodes.
i almost missed the ball drop because i was engrossed with carrie and big...
it was the final episode. the one where carrie is sad to be in paris and mr. big walks in. rescues her...tells her she was always the one...aahhhh....true love.
i switched to time square just in time to see the ball drop. I turned the tv off at 12:02. thirty seconds later the phone rings. it's randi. calling to wish me happy new year! sweet girl.
happy new year to all. may it be a glorious year.
{photo from jan 2009}

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