Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's the Little Things

so, i was thinking.
with all the stress and unhappiness in the world right now
{and a little stress in our household},
all the focus is in the wrong place.
isn't it really the little things that bring happiness?
i began thinking of what makes me happy... *baking sweet, yummy things.
{which i've already done this morning}
*a clean house
*getting lost in a great book
*lunch with my girlfriends
*watching a movie and snuggling during a rain storm
*laughing with my family
*flowers...especially daisies
*these two little sugarboos
*him still saying, "hold you" and calling polka dots - "cocadots"
*her constant dancing or speaking in different accents...with a book to her nose
*this man. oh this man. how i love him so.
*how hard he works
*how he loves me
*his knack for getting things done and doing things just right
*dreams...if we had everything there would be nothing to dream for.
how sad would that be?

1 comment:

anna said...

cute pictures of you! You're gorgeous....even with short hair! ;)